Transparency is in our DNA

Next level transparency.

We didn't start Donut to make a quick buck - we built the platform to make it as easy and fun as possible to accumulate digital wealth - for the long run.
Accepting terms goes both ways

The Donut Promise

When you sign up to Donut it shouldn't be a one-way acceptance of our terms. That's why we created Donut Promises, a set of pledges we make to you when you sign up. We even got the team to sign them too.

Only ask for data we 100% need

We promise to only ask for information we 100% need to provide you with the best experience. Your data is precious and we will only ever use it to provide you with powerful, smart & secure investment methods.

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Ensure your data comes first

Whenever we build anything we have your data in mind. We will always ensure your information is secured using the best technology possible, even if it means delaying a feature.

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Keep it human

No-one likes talking to a robot - it's impersonal and frustrating. We promise to always be on hand to answer your questions regarding your data, money or account. No robots or fancy AI, promise.

Built with you, for you

Donut was started to enable everyone to invest in digital assets. We want to build Donut with our users. In order to do this we promise to be upfront about what we have built, are going to build and most importantly, why.

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Give you what’s yours

Your assets, be it your accumulated Bitcoin or other asset, are yours. 100% yours. Your assets will always be in your name and you can withdraw them with ease anytime.

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Communicate our costs

Unfortunately, Universal Basic Income isn't reality just yet so we have to charge a small fee every time you invest. This pays for the amazing designers and developers who build Donut. We promise to be upfront and clear about our fee structure.

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