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When you save with Donut, we automatically convert your USD to digital dollars (stablecoins, such as DAI) so we can put those dollars to work in decentralized markets.

Lend with DeFi

Our partners lend your dollars at high variable interest rates through a global, decentralized pool of borrowers. We use highly collateralized platforms such as Compound to ensure your money is secure and covered.

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Collect variable or fixed interest in real time, 24/7 at annual rates up to 20x higher than the average bank account. Sit back and watch your money grow every day - it's always earning.

Safety is our top priority

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Digital currency is not legal tender, is not backed by any federal government and Donut accounts are not FDIC insured. While Donut and its custodial partners make every effort to keep your money safe and covered, please note that any investment entails risk. The interest rates featured on this page vary according to the dynamics of digital currency markets and are subject to change at any time.

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