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How The Donut App Works

Two ways to earn more.

Save and earn 20x interest. Invest your spare change in Bitcoin.

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Set and forget.

Set up your preferred combination of presets, and let Donut work the magic for you!

Collect spare change

Collect the spare change from everyday purchases on your most-used cards and automatically invest it in Bitcoin

Invest on a schedule

Automate good habits and set recurring investments on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule

Top-up anytime

Instantly add funds to your Donut Savings or Quick Buy Bitcoin with your debit card to grow your portfolio on demand

Save and Earn in Real Time.

Connect your bank, set your rules and earn real time interest with Donut Savings.


Link your bank account to add funds instantly to your Donut Savings.


Cash in and out seamlessly.

We support over 1600 banks and financial providers, so moving funds in and out of your Donut account is always fast, reliable and hassle free.

Plus 1,600 more

Refer friends and earn.

Invite friends to Donut and earn a $10 reward when they start investing.


Make dough, go nuts.

Join Donut and start investing in minutes.

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