At Donut, we aim to provide the easiest and safest earning experience in DeFi and web3. We also want to be where you make saving a habit and grow your balance with the least amount of effort.

One of the most common questions we receive from users is what should I do to enhance my earning experience on Donut after I make my first deposit?

Allow us to introduce you to your APY optimization checklist.

Use this to understand all that you can accomplish with Donut and the clear actions you can take today to make the most of your earning experience here.

Automate your investments

A set it and forget savings strategy is how you can effortlessly build wealth and create a healthy savings habit.

Direct Deposits

Direct Deposit allows you to get paid directly into Donut and start earning high APY on your paychecks right away. By splitting paychecks at the source, you streamline saving, reduce the amount of idle money in in your portfolio, and reserve your income for earning, not spending. You’ll also unlock a +30% APY Boost on your first direct deposit into Donut.

🔁 Starting Point: Set a Direct Deposit into Donut


Collect is how you earn 5% APY on your spare change and turn spending into a saving activity. Whenever you use an activated payment method, Collect rounds up your purchase to the next dollar and automatically invests that spare change into Donut.

🔁 Starting Point: Activate your most popular cards and earn APY on your spare change

Recurring Investments

One of the most powerful strategies for long-term wealth creation is setting aside money on a regular interval. With Recurring Investments, you can effortlessly save what you want, when you want. Users set daily recurring investments to grow their balance each day or pair their pay-day with a biweekly recurring investment to make saving their priority.

🔁 Starting Point: Set a daily recurring investment with as little as $10

Increase your APY

All Donut users earn a protected base APY of 5%, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn more. Through Boosts and our referral program, there are plenty of ways to increase your APY.


Boosts are APY rewards given to users when they unlock milestones on Donut. These milestones include balance thresholds, feature activations, and savings achievements. Once you unlock a Boost, you’ll earn the associated extra APY. We also ​​announce new Boosts pretty often. To be sure you never miss one, read our emails in full, turn on notifications, and follow us on social media.

🚀 Starting point: Unlock a Boost opportunity in your app

Refer a friend

Refer a friend makes it easy and rewarding to include your friends and family in future of finance. When you refer a friend to Donut and they make their first deposit, you both will receive +5% APY for 5 days. Refer multiple friends at the same time and you’ll earn even more. That’s because Refer a friend Boost stack for the referring user. With Refer a friend, your APY can grow pretty high, pretty quickly.

🚀 Starting point: Share Donut with a friend and earn +5% APY

Plan your financial future

Donut is more than just a way to earn 70x more interest than your bank. If you’re going to participate in the future of finance, you'll need the tools to do so.


Boxes are how to reach savings goals in the modern world. When saving for a specific goal, it’s recommended to first define that goal, then to open a separate area to save money into, specifically for that purchase. This is to avoid the temptation of spending that money. On Donut, not only can you open separate Boxes for each goal, but you can set goals on each Box and track your progress towards them. Each Box you create earns the same protected base APY as your plan, comes with the same security features, and receives all the same Boosts.

📦 Starting Point: Open a Box and set your first savings goal on Donut

Earnings potential

Earnings Potential shows what your Donut balance can turn into, and provides the insights you need to plan your financial future. Use it to understand weekly earnings, support your savings strategy, or measure the impact of future deposits.

📈 Starting Point: Discover how much you can earn on Donut

Check the health of your Donut account

By turning the above to-do list into a checklist, you’ve optimized your Donut account for growth, prepared it to take advantage of future product releases, and made strides toward your financially independent future.

Getting started with Donut

Donut is available in the United States and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Donuts with friends

Increase your APY +5% for 5 days every time a friend you refer makes their first deposit on Donut. Head to the Boosts section of your app to start introducing friends to the future of finance.

Real talk 🚨

Any saving and investment strategy puts your capital at risk.

The above information is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.