More than 93% of U.S. workers get paid via direct deposit. This method of receiving pay engages one of the most powerful strategies for long-term wealth creation, setting aside money on a regular interval.

Donut's Direct Deposit allows users to save time and split paychecks at the source, rather than rely on manual deposits every pay day. With it, you can automatically send a percent or dollar amount of every paycheck to your Donut account and start earning on it immediately. Setting a direct deposit into Donut also means you'll have less idle money in low-interest accounts.

There’s a budgeting advantage to Donut's Direct Deposit too. Automatically sending funds to Donut each pay day removes them from spending consideration and reserves them for earning. 

Donut's Direct Deposit also strengthens the routine of saving and earning. Behavior Science Expert James Clear’s Laws of Behavior Change identify that new habits form when they are obvious, attractive, and easy. With a one-time set-up and leading APY, Direct Deposit satisfies these requirements and supports the development of healthy financial habits.

Beyond earning 70x more interest than a bank, we’ve baked an extra treat into Direct Deposit. Upon receiving your first direct deposit in Donut, you’ll unlock a +30% APY boost that is automatically applied to your account.

Donut's Direct Deposit is yet another financial planning tool built for the future of finance. With it, you can get paid once from your employer, and then every second of every day while earning on Donut.

How to set up Direct Deposit on Donut


To earn more each paycheck with Direct Deposit, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your payroll provider

  2. Enter your account & routing number

  3. Set your direct deposit amount as a dollar value or percent of paycheck

Your payroll provider may use micro-deposits to verify your Donut account. Micro-deposits are usually two deposits less than $1 each. These will appear in your Donut activity feed as a Direct Deposit in 1 - 2 days. Enter the amounts in your payroll provider to complete your connection to Donut and the set up of Direct Deposit.

Where can I find my payroll provider?

To find your payroll provider and set up Direct Deposit, ask your employer's Human Resources or Operations team!

Where will my direct deposit go?

Your direct deposit is automatically added to your balance and starts earning right away. From here, you can transfer funds into the Boxes you've created. Direct deposits can be tracked in your activity feed.

Does my direct deposit start earning right away?

Thanks to Instant APY, when you add funds to Donut, the deposit amount will appear as part of your balance and begin earning interest instantly.

When will my direct deposit arrive to my account?

Direct deposits are processed by our banking partner Evolve Bank and Trust, and normally show up within hours on your payday. However, please allow up to 3 days for your funds to arrive to your account. If a direct deposit takes longer than 3 days to arrive in your account, please contact us at [email protected] 

How does the Direct Deposit Boost work?


After you setup Direct Deposit, we’ll patiently wait for the deposit to land in your Donut account on your next pay day. Once we receive the funds, you’ll automatically unlock a +30% APY boost. This boost is only activated on your first direct deposit.

How much should I allocate to Donut?

While we can’t make recommendations, depending on your payroll provider you will be able to set a percent or dollar amount of every paycheck to automatically be received in Donut. With Direct Deposit, you can get paid once from your employer, and then every second of every day while earning on Donut.

Is Direct Deposit available to all Donut users?

Direct Deposit is free and available to all Donut users. Whether you are on Save, Build, or Donut X, you can start getting paid directly into Donut. 

Getting started with Donut

Donut is available in the United States and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Donuts with friends

Increase your APY +5% for 5 days every time a friend you refer makes their first deposit on Donut. Head to the Boosts section of your app to start introducing friends to the future of finance.


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